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Thank you all for the wonderful support, I really appreciate every favorite, comment and watch!   Heart Hug 

Challenging I by AlejandroCastillo  Blue Wren by wolftraz  PAINTCHIP COLLAGE by TTPRINCE  Misty by Sprolliee  Golden Dawn by QuietW8
Lady in White by katrinamew  African Huts by elirab007  Lily Study by IMikeMedia  In The Rain by COmarius 

Mature Content

Untitled by mohammadkarz

Violet Backed Starling by Tsisqua-Ugidali  The Halo by diffusephoto  Meeting with a young poet by Kay27  teste 01 by yamiaoi  Rolinha-Roxa (Columbina talpacoti) by FHenriS-Art
Nature 4 by iamDeni  March 20th. by Heavensinyoureyes  Wild pink Carnation by Emmabro14  The lakes at sunset by BGai  Before Dusk by VIadivostok
Golden hour by luka567  Rocky Mountain Way by Yokeldayankee  Labute by Azraelangelo  Bouncer by RavenKibaWolf154  Zentangle fox--jus' hangin' around by knighttemplar1

The shattered meteor by Ellynovia  NatsuxHappy BestFriends XD by Hanatsuki-Ai  Schlosspark Charlottenburg (2015-08-13) 14 by ValerieVivegnis  Red Panda by OnlyNature  Snailing by LaYue
The winter landscape by wiwaldi24  Names Blazer by master-trinity007  Rhino's by Hitomii   Screencap redraw (Day 38) by Deer-Tea  Bird of Prey by SeasonalEclipseArt
Eastern Blue Birds by Rednecked   I have something on my mind by Daggles67  Captain Jack Sparrow by adavesseth  Moonlight Reunion by Moona-chann  Colorweave by skylure70
  Tufted Titmouse II by Brooklyn47  Autumn Splendor by Sublime-Feline   Blooming appletree by Ryurules Bee-eater by Lunnarisaku  Alien Encounter........ by tomolok110
  Boat Under Moonlight by HollyDoesArtSometime   And I Don't Mind If We Take Our Time by tropicalshark  ... by Elf-from-a-lake What was it again (Confused Nicole Watterson) by Nikithe9 Passing Away by Rick-TinyWorlds
Romantic Colours by yumichi-yuki White Water Lily by aotearoa-geek13  Comradeship by AfroditV  eye realistic by tejasmevada  Castlerigg Stone Circle near Keswick by UdoChristmann
Still Standing by leighheasley last blossom by Takiako-Nakashi Tui-0470 by Christina-Phillips  Down In The River by JohnlockedDancer  Lake Alice Alligator #1 by agnosticdragon
Solitude by EmMelody  Shine above by BadSkys  in park 3 by HomokiAdina Rebirth  by josephwtattoos
Border Collie sample (2007) by HumbleScarlet  Untitled by idyle  Don't Fuss Kitten by RueSpark  Okami by Lyserg1705 Speaker by Griffonmender
ENGRAVING FOR ISTANBUL by mecengineer Flowers by znam-ne-znam  Blue Wiggly Butt by cobaltsennheiser  Eurasian bullfinch by dessinateur777  Luxury by Lilyas
Minsk, ~balcon shoots~ 032 by DimKa-Minsk  Mimosa Pudica by sbm16  Plant Photo 10 by N-Rainbow-7  Awh~ by Unitoe

Thank you all for the wonderful support, I really appreciate every favorite, comment and watch!   Heart Hug 

The Sunset Heron by wolfwings1  Oregon Coast 02 by Itsgabbo  The Tree by Fuchs86 Pink Flowers  by Alseacc
Forbearance by shadowsheep887  Alexandra Bridge by ARC-Photographic  Dragonfly II by ceruleankangaroo  serenity by jeepke  Niki by calthax  
Hahei by daltonbroughton  Meadow Pipit (Recomposed) by MrDucky97  What a Beautiful Ending by fearfactor292  Self Portrait 3 Years Later ( By Cupcake) by DreyAndCupcake 
Cupakabra I by emptymemories321 Fury... by midnightrider79  Steady by StallionRyder16 Martin pcheur  by camilleroc  DD - Mother and child - Mute swan (Cygnus olor) by PhotoDragonBird 
Desolation by dramaticpeanut Just like a Dream by sylverface  June '16 Series (15) by Athiel216  Dolphin-Sunset by nmmarkowa Bamboo Forest by BrightShots
mystictree by NightlyNooky  So Majestic by coldstares natural spectacles 3 by MT-Photografien Anasterian and Kael'thas (Warcraft) by Aeodin  Entrance by DavidMnr
Moonlight Art by Mia-chan81  Untitled by Oleg-Bardenkov  The Captain by KomyFlyinc@ by KomyFly Looking up (3) by sotiria8  20161203 210636 by TheUselessTrainer
Amur tiger by Maria-Schreuders Imagine by Pajunen  Crimson Tear by Jorgipie  Stretch Of Time by veeegeee Spruce Flat Falls at Tremont 4 by slowdog294 
Red Forest III by MossPrinten  Holding on to winter by Nikonfinest  Happiness by DanSmithz  Just Dandy by iriscup  Disturber of the Peace by BenWootten
Alma Najmi (comm) by TheSerialPoet  Arum-Lily Flower. by Lacrimosa-Angelus  Potanipo's Sentinel by astutefish Mystical Morning... by Michies-Photographyy  Snega by AutumnIF
Understated beauty by CCharmy Butterfly by AGirlWithDreams96  Nothing left but prayers by khanf  Autumn by Drury-Lane Stairway to adventure  by LeahE7
Look to the Light by ChristyHoskinsCarter Pretty In Pink by tlbauder1987 Top model, always smiling by RutoPics  Peaceful Summer Day by PeachyKat  Img 20160803 195651 401 by Eugenegormanart
The Faceoff - Male Wood Duck by Spirit-whales  Eoenantiornis by Durusoraptor  Saint Margaret's Flowers by TanyaSimoneSimpson Passionate Bee by TheUnlikelyBubba  Light wheel by OneeTruth 
Faroes in March by kg177 Eye of the Kitty by Silver-Art-Wolf  From a Distance 2.0  by LoloAlien  Eilean Donan Castle by AStoKo  Hello There by WingChant
A wet morning! by ZoevanRumt  Crocus Screen Shot 09-02-16 by FloraLoveNL  Margiro and friends Egyptian AU 3 by PeteDRaptor   Story of a pink flower by CAMSHOOTER666
Fibonacci Dalia by weedonio  Blue Summer's Dream by SunsetRising-Art  Reading old notes / AT by katagro  Flower Bird by Mike-Kossi  Indian temple. ....6 by gintautegitte69
Pastel by parissalvage  1142 by Gelu509  Dolmen Sunset - Exclusive Premade Stock by somadjinn  Sunset by Sadeq-Photography  Untitled 8 by Tata-Sunny
A Blue tit in the sunshine by roisabborrar  Flowers by adampanak  Robin Wood _ by ratinrage  Hen mountain  by Heyitzzshanny  The World From Above 4 by TessWild
Tributo para la excepcion by A-Todo-Creyon  Variable (Yellow-Breasted) Sunbird by Okavanga  Butterfly on Cosmos by MYPeanutGallery  Twinkle Toes by rhealynnewillows Songe D'Automne by BugulNoz